From Airport by Monorail

From Naha airport, please take monorail from Naha airport and get off the Miebashi(見栄橋) station”
Then, please go ahead to Kokusai(国際) Street. When you are in Kokusai street, you can see the arcade “Ichibahondouri(市場本通り)”
Please pass under the arcade around 300m, you will be in “Ukishima(浮島) street”

From Airport by Bus

When you take the bus from Naha airport, please take the No.25″Hutenmakuukousen(普天間空港線)” or 120″Nagonishikuukousen(名護西空港線)” and get off the bus stop of Matsuo(松尾) in the Kokusai street.
And, there is “Ukishima street(浮島通り)” along a convenience store(LAWSON) , please walk down around 300m and you can find Kasiwaya(柏屋) guesthouse on the left side.

By Taxi

Please tell the driver “Kanzatobaru-kara-Ukishimadouri-ni-haittekudasai”, it means that please come down from Kanzatobaru to Ukishima street. And, “Kaihouginkou-no-mukaide-orositekudasai” It means that  I want to get off in front of Kaihou-bank.  In near the bank, there is Kasiwaya guesthouse.

By Car

If you drive the car in Okinawa first time, it is difficult to reach the Kashiwaya.
You CANNOT come down from the “Kokusai(国際)street” to “Ukishima(浮島) street” by the car because of the one-way traffic.

Let’s explain from the “Kenchoumae(県庁前) station” of the monorail. Driving advance southward on the “Kenchoumae(県庁前) street” After passing along the right side of big building of prefectural government, there is a intersection, called “Kenchou-minamiguchi(県庁南口)”
Please turn left it and just go straight around 500m, there is a intersection, called “Kainan(開南)”
After passing it and go down the street, you can see the old soba(okinawan noodle) shop on the right side, then please turn left. Driving around 200m, there is a traffic signal and turn left again. Driving around 100m, you will be in “Ukishima(浮島)street”
Anyway, it is gonna be big challenge for you! If getting lost, just feel free to call Kasiwaya!

From Kokusai Street

Please pass under the arcade called “Ichibahondouri(市場本通り)” around 300m, you will be in “Ukishima(浮島) street”.
Please turn right that street and taking a walk around 3minutes, then you can find Kasiwaya(柏屋) Guesthouse on the right side.

2-11-22, Matsuo, Naha-city, Okinawa, Japan, 900-0014
・Everyday open!
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・PHONE&FAX : 098-869-8833