Big welcome to Kasiwaya Guesthouse!

About 15 years ago, we have remodeled the three-story building to an east south asia style guesthouse. And we gave it a new name ‘Kasiwaya’

Kasiwaya guesthouse has been the place to stay for a lot of guests in Okinawa for over 15 years, and still is.

Kasiwaya has a common relax space, which we call ‘Yuntaku-place’ on the second floor. (Yuntak is the  Okinawan word for this type of common space). Anyway you can just feel relaxed in here and enjoy reading various comics and books, watching TV/DVD, playing music(until 10:00 PM). Also, we have two laptops and wifi that covers the whole of Kasiwaya. However, the most attractive point of our guesthouse is the guest! A lot of travelers are coming from all over the world, so you can share information with friends. It is irregular, but we sometimes hold a party like a potluck. Have a toast with us!

The center of Naha city!

Kasiwaya guesthouse is located on Ukishima street, which is close to a lot of fashionable shops. There is a restaurant, bar, clothing shop, barber shop, etc., Not only are we close to the fashionable shops, but there are also a lot of long-established shops close by. One of the widely known place is Kousetsu-Ichiba (public market) At the place, Okinawan local people run meat and fish shops, and restaurants. It is very unique and traditional in atmosphere.

We can often help you to find various fun activities, like a beach party, snorkeling, camping horse back riding or a good bar to drink at! Let’s just have fun and we look forward to making your stay memorable.

Kasiwaya is a fantastic, fabulous and perfect guesthouse for individuals or groups to meet like-minded people from around the globe.

Looking forward to seeing you!